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FOOD FOR THOUGHT, we have all heard that comment before. Here at High Tines Outfitters we put a twist on that saying, THOUGHT FOR FOOD. Shortly after the hunting season ends here in Wisconsin, we begin thinking about food for the upcoming year. What improvements can we make with late season food availability? Where can we put in more food plots that will increase the odds of a client putting their tag on a Buffalo County Bruiser? Most large, level areas are already worked up by the farmers, so that leaves us with hard to reach and small areas. What food should we plant? Early in the year we are also thinking about mineral. What kind and where? What worked or more importantly what didn’t work last season? Water is also a huge necessity. Are the water holes going to hold water? Do we need to line them? Or, as is the case this year, is it going to rain enough to fill the holes?

So once the food is up and green, water holes are full, and the deer are using the mineral, it’s time to get cameras up and running. This year with the help of Elimatree we are able to put out our cameras anywhere we prefer Just mount the camera on the Elimatree camera stand and step it into the ground. Food plot edges or in the middle, waterholes or mineral sites, tree or no tree, no problem, just stick’em in the ground and go. Elimatree camera stands keep scent to a minimum by not having the mess with straps or bungee cords.

So if you are thinking about an opportunity to harvest a big buck and having a great time, give us a call at High Tines Outfitters and you can give us your Thought for Food!


Dean Mense
Licensed Guide
High Tines Outfitters