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Another GIANT falls during the youth season…

October 6th & 7th were the days for this years youth season and the weather couldn’t have been better…We had 3 boys in camp ( Ean, Tanner and Zach ).. The first morning the boys had a pretty slow hunt with Ean seeing a small 8 pt and Tanner getting skunked ….Zach had a good hunt as far as animals seen with 9 doe, 3 coyotes , 19 turkeys and 2 bobcats… He was pretty pumped with the variety of game seen..

Opening night it started to pick up.. Tanner seen a few doe.. Ean seen 7 doe and had a bunch more deer around him in the corn that never showed themselves.. Zach had the best hunt of the 3 seeing at least 17 deer. He had his crosshairs on a 150″ plus 10 pt for ten minutes but the buck was facing him with only a brisket shot at 175 yards…He had a good rest but he decided to wait for him to turn.. He was walking straight downhill towards him when all at once he turned into the corn field without stopping .. He was a little disappointed that he didn’t get the buck but happy with his decision to wait for a good ethical shot… Over all a pretty good night..

The second morning only Tanner hunted and seen a shooter buck at 300 yards running and the buck never stopped..

The second evening everything was perfect… The boys were very optimistic.. Zach seen 12 doe and had a shooter buck show but at the time was surrounded by 9 doe and a few were getting nervous as they were downwind…The buck came straight out into the food plot and disappeared directly into the corn with no shot opportunity…Tanner seen 3 bucks and several doe…Had a border line shooter at point blank but decided to pass hoping for a true Buffalo County GIANT to show himself and it wasn’t to be… Ean seen 3 bucks and several doe also.. And at 6:20 a giant showed up…The buck came out into the hay field without a care in the world except to fatten himself up… As the buck slowly made his way towards Eans blind Ean was really feeling the jitters of having a GIANT in front of him…Luckily he had his Dad ( John Mayer ) in the blind with him filming the hunt… John was telling him to breathe and settle down…..nice and easy….
After a little comforting by Dad, ¬†Ean was ready to put the buck down…John gave him the OK and boom the buck dropped in his tracks… They both were in awe as they looked at the big buck laying in the hay field..An excellent father/son moment.. What a way to end the 2012 youth season…. Congratulations Ean!!!!!!