High Tines Outfitters


Have you heard of these lines by Faron Young?

The seasons come, the seasons go
We get a little sunshine, rain or snow
Just the way that it was planned to be
As it’s all is in nature’s plan
No season gets the upper hand
Oh, how I try to keep this fact in mind
The trees are bare, the cold wind blows
And by experience I know
That winter comes but spring is close behind.

Here at High Tines Outfitters it’s a never ending season. Every year there seems to be new work that needs to get done to improve and get ready for hunting season. Every year we educate ourselves more and more about our properties and the big bucks that inhabit them. Such as, what bucks have survived, what areas do they tend to frequent, how much growth have they put on their antlers, what bucks like to travel and which bucks like to stay in a relatively small area, what bucks are aggressive or passive, what food plots and minerals were preferred, new areas where we may be able to get new food plots in, mast production, new trails due to crop rotation or timber harvests or even storm damage. We also receive a lot of ongoing information from our clients each fall as they are in stand waiting for that buck of their lifetime.

If you would like to reap the rewards of our education, book your hunt soon before your favorite time period is full. We continue to limit the hunting pressure on our lands. So book now before your season comes and goes.